Professional Development Trainings

Additional Education/Training Opportunties

Professional Development & Competency-Based and Longevity Add-On Classes – The Academy offers a variety of specialized, professional development classes throughout the year covering a wide array of topics and additional mandatory training. Examples of topics include but aren’t limited to:

  • Behavior Support/Crisis Intervention, Trauma Informed Care, Communication
  • Ethics for DSPs, Essential Role of the DSP
  • History of Developmental Disabilities/Intellectual Disabilities
  • Role of the Supervisor
  • Planning for Compliance Reviews
  • Improving Staff Retention & Satisfaction
  • And many others


Supervisor Series Classes - Offers an in-depth understanding of topics essential to both new and experienced supervisors.  Can be conducted as stand-alone classes or presented as a series of Innovative Supervisor Skills (four-part sessions). Example topics include:

  • Building, Guiding Managing and Monitoring Your Team
  • Techniques to Address Difficult Employees
  • Supervisory Communication
  • Strengths-Based Supervision


Specialized First Responder Personnel Crisis Intervention – In-Depth training for all First Responders focusing on the challenges of approaching people who have Autism, ID (intellectual disabilities) and people who have received a Dual Diagnoses (Mental Health with Developmental Disabilities). 

Trainers offer an understanding of the challenges that the first responder faces and how they can make a difference by recognizing first, then using skills learned in class with new approach methods.   

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